Course Levels & Standard Duration

It depends on how you can inculcate and get command of fluency.

A 1.1

4-6 Weeks


4-6 Weeks


4-6 Weeks


4-6 Weeks


4-6 Weeks


4-6 Weeks

What are you going to learn?

Here are the most frequently asked questions you may check before getting started

Introduce yourself: Let’s spell, count, express days
Gender, articles, and possessive pronouns 
Talk about your family 
Conjugation of important verbs in present tense
What are your hobbies and favourite activities?
Verb position and W-questions
Learn how to order food
Using the accusative and dative case
Get to know typical German dishes
Likes and dislikes with “gefallen” and “gerne”
Small Talk with Germans: Weather topics
Modal verbs „mögen, können und wollen”
Describe people and animals                   
 Polite questions

Learn about special holidays and


Negation with „nicht“ und „kein“
Talk about birthdays, Christmas, …
Times, days, seasons with preposition

Speak aboutemotions in adventure sports
Pronouns in nominative and accusative 
Hands up – it’s weekend
“Hoch die Hände – Wochenende“

Conjugation of important verbs in present tense
The first date
Polite questions 

Small Talk with Germans: Parties, weekend

trips & vacation

The imperative mood
Make plans for your next vacation
Modal verbs „sollen und dürfen“

Go to a shopping mall and buy clothes or do

you prefer online shopping?

The past tense „Perfekt“
Discuss a visit at the zoo

Comparisions with „Komparativ

& Superlativ“ 

Talk about New Years’ habits 
Introduction of separable verbs

Plans and dreams for your future
Future with “werden” 
Discuss household activities: cooking, cleaning
Conditional sentences “wenn…,dann”
More traditions at multicultural events
Two-way prepositions
Giving directions in the city
Reflexive verbs with accusative and dative
Discuss different means of transport
Politeness: “Konjunktiv II”
Stay fit and compare new types of sport
Imperative mood
Go for shopping at the deli and order fresh productsSubordinate clauses
Have a conversation about workDirectional and local adverbs
Get a new job: Applications & job interviewsReviewing the four cases

Moving in a new apartment
Positional verbs
Remember the fairy tales of your childhood
Introduction of adjective endings (definite and indefinite articles)
You visit the doctor and describe diseases 
Wishes, suggestions and irreal situations with “Konjunktiv II” of modal verbs
What to do in case of an accident?
Modal particles
The Germans national sport No.1: Soccer
Conjunctions and subjunctions
Discuss advantages and disadvantages of public and private transport
Prepositional adverbs
Do-it-yourself or let someone do it?Passive Voice
Take more time for yourself – wellness, beauty, and activitiesThe verb „lassen“
Follow your trip advisor and plan your next adventureNoun endings and the gender

Make a reservation in a hotel
Revision of “w-questions” and indirect questions
German history by the example of the Oktoberfest
Another past tense “Präteritum”
More traditions and customs during autumn
Two-way prepositions
Talk about famous people from the music and writer scene
Adjective endings in the four cases (definite, indefinite and cero article”
What is typically German? Sauna, Autobahn, Haustiere…
Prepositions with genitive
Discuss the eating habits in your home country
Indirect speech and the “Konjunktiv I”
What did the Germans do during the lockdown?Statistical analyses
Talk about social media and its influence on the current beauty idealsRelative clauses and pronouns
Digital Art, vaccine Research and vacation on the moon - Current topics fromart and sciencesAll about the passive voice
Our planet and our responsibility - what can I do to protect the environment?Two-part conjunctions
The bureaucracy jungle in Germany and in your home countryParticiple I as an adjective

Negotiate with your boss and assert yourself skilfully
Temporal determiners
Discuss the effects of multiculturalism and globalization in Europe
Infinitive constructions with “haben” and “sein”
The ups and downs of the new online world: Dating apps, e-sports, fake news
More about the verb “werden”
Discuss popular series and movies
Another past tense “Plusquamperfect”
Where is the best place to live? 
Hold a presentation by using means of speech
Discuss the eating habits in your home country
Nouns and verb collocations
What means “Ich liebe dich?“Adversative conjunctions
How does higher education work and why are universities in Germany almost for free?More about the modal verbs
Robotics, 4D-Designer, Cryptocurrency trading – Is that science fiction or just a normal job?Advanced nominal style sentences
Create your own marketing campaign and make an influence on the consumer’s behaviour.Verbs with accusative and dative complementation

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